Cyber Forensic Investigation

Utilizing technology and investigative techniques, our digital forensic experts are uniquely qualified to trace and reclaim crypto assets.

Crypto Recovery

Recover lost or stolen crypto

We will track and reclaim your lost or stolen crypto from the hands of cyber attackers and criminals and recover it back to you safely.

File A Complaint

Lodge In Your Complaint

Report the scam to us by lodging your complaint and we shall take it upon us and work towards your recovery case.


Embark on a journey on the road to recovery with us. It is quite unfortunate how a lot of people have fallen into the pit and dungeon of online scams and scammers where millions of people lose their money to fraud year after year. The crypto scam is the worst of it all, as it has surpassed all other types of scams that is prevalent online today; This is so due to the fact that more than 46,000 people reported to have lost over $1 billion to various crypto scams from the year 2021 all through to mid 2022 according to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Whether it is the popular ‘Pump and Dump’ schemes, Crypto Trading scam or Crypto phishing scams etc., so many people have fallen prey by losing their savings and hard-earned money to these scams. And that is why here at Reclaim Scammed Coins, our aim and priority is to help as many victims of online scams across the globe reclaim and get their stolen or lost money back through our services.


How We Can Help You

There are numerous internet scammers and con artists out there in their hundreds and thousands and their aim is to defraud innocent people of their money and it is our mission to fight back against such. If you have been ripped off by scammers, we provide you an opportunity you should take advantage of through the services we render, and our team of experts will work to get your money back.

Types Of Scams

  • Cryptocurrency Scam
  • Forex Trading Scam
  • Binary Options Scam
  • Wire Fraud etc.

Report The Scam

Don’t be silent. Time is of the essence. Get in touch with us and report the scam immediately by Filing a Complaint. Do not be quiet about it. We are here to help you.

What You Should Do

Provide every necessary detail. Gather all relevant information & documentation related to the scam e.g transaction records, communication records etc.

How We Operate

We will utilize our expertise to track the lost or stolen crypto funds. We will work & collaborate with law enforcement agencies if necessary. We will trace the digital footprints left by the scammer(s). We will fight back against the scammers. The sooner we confront them, the sooner we get your money back.

Recovery & Return

We shall work tirelessly to help recover your lost or stolen money and ensure it is returned back to you safely.


At Reclaim Scammed Coins, we boast of one of the best customer service representatives and they are readily available for you 24/7.

A Case Study


“I became a victim of a crypto investment scam where i lost majority of my savings. I took the courage to seek all possible means to get my money back and in the process i came across the team of Crypto recovery experts and investigators at Reclaim Scammed Coins. They handled everything from the investigation down to the successful recovery of my money. All thanks to them”

— Marcus Naismith


We are a Team made up of Professional and Reliable Crypto experts and Investigators.


Committed and Dedicated. We will work & collaborate with law enforcement agencies if necessary.

Team Work

Trust and Co-operation.


The Processes & Procedures Involved.

Tracing Stolen funds.

Who We Are

We are a group of highly qualified experts that is well networked comprising of significant players such as Computer forensic experts, Cyber security professionals, Open-source intelligence analysts, who work hand in hand to solve and investigate cases of online financial scams.

Our Vision

To provide support and assistance in helping scam victims reclaim money lost through fraudulent means and fight back on their behalf.

Our Mission

To guide and provide the necessary support to victims of financial scams towards the successful recovery of their funds and crypto coins.



I was deceived into investing money promising huge profits in return. I got to realize it was a scam. I was provided with all the support i needed in getting back my money.

Adam Clark

Georgia, USA

I fell victim to a scam broker and i ended up losing my crypto coins. The Recovery experts and investigators at Reclaim scammed coins tracked and got my coins back.

Natalie Davis

London, UK

My stolen crypto funds was located and returned back to me after their investigation. All thanks to Reclaim scammed coins for their help and assistance.

Friedrich Wagner

Munich, Germany

I am glad to have my lost bitcoin recovered back. Their professionalism and remarkable knowledge resulted in the successful recovery of my bitcoin back.

Camila Flores

Madrid, Spain

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We urge you to lodge your complaint about the scams you encountered.