Our Client Success Stories – From Victim To Victory

Our Clients Say It Best…

Over the years, with our experience and expertise in reclaiming scammed crypto and funds; We have been able to proffer solutions to a large extent through guidance and investigation in helping scam victims retrieve and recover their lost or stolen money back through the services we render.

My stolen cryptocurrencies and digital funds was traced and recovered with the help of the Reclaim Scammed Coins team. Through their relentless efforts and expertise, they made sure i got a significant amount of my stolen crypto back. Their commitment to my case went beyond expectations, as they provided support in each and every step of the way.

— Mike Wilton

With the help i got from the investigators at Reclaim scammed coins; i am glad to have my lost bitcoins returned back to me. Even though some people said it was impossible to get my bitcoins back but with the help i got from the recovery experts at RSC, they proved to me why they possess an unmatched depth of knowledge when it comes to navigating the complex world of cryptocurrencies.

— Ryan Cushin

I am forever grateful for the assistance provided by Reclaim Scammed Coins and their entire team. Their dedication and unwavering support turned a devastating loss into a story of triumph. After i lost roughly $475,000 to a crypto investment scam with all hope lost initially. I am happy to finally have majority of my money recovered. All this wouldn’t have been possible without their help.

— Nicole Chua

I came to conclusion and made up my mind to seek professional help in recovering my stolen funds and this turned out to be the best decision I ever made. Entrusting my case to Reclaim Scammed Coins and their team of Crypto experts proved to be a game-changer. Their remarkable knowledge and experience resulted in the successful recovery of my funds back.

— Halle Parker

I can’t express the joy and happiness of being able to have access back to my stolen funds. After i had lost hope and no direction, i was helpless and didn’t know what next to do for several weeks and months. Getting in touch with the Reclaim scammed coins team turned out to be a life saver.

— Benjamin Taylor

I lost a substantial amount of money to a scam broker. I was deceived into investing money promising huge profits in return. I got suspicious the moment i discovered i was prevented from making any withdrawals then i realized it was a scam. The crypto experts at RSC provided me with all the support i needed in getting back my money.

— Daisy Jones

I want to use this medium to thank Reclaim Scammed Coins team for helping me recover my stolen BTC Crypto worth $583,000 through their remarkable recovery services. I was skeptical at first when i reported my case to them but to my greatest surprise, they delivered as promised and I got my money back. I am so happy i came across them because I thought I would never get my money back from those fake online investment scammers.

— Lily Campbell

It all started when i invested a lot of money in a Binary Options company i found online. I decided to withdraw after several weeks but the withdrawal was blocked. I contacted them but got no response and that was when i discovered that I was scammed. Few weeks later I got a mail from them insisting i should invest more money if I want to withdraw my money which I rejected, and I never heard from them again. I was really devastated at this moment until i came across reclaim scammed coins; They traced my money to their accounts and wallets, and it was returned back to me.

— Lucas Morris

I was convinced by someone I met on a social media platform to trade cryptocurrencies with their business with the intention it will result to big profits. I was persuaded to keep raising my deposits for various justifications. In the end, i lost roughly $180,000, and I became so heartbroken. Delighted i was able to get in contact with the professional recovery experts at Reclaim scammed coins. They were helpful in recovering major part of my money which was returned back to me.

— Andrea Lorenzo

Scammers are becoming more prevalent everywhere, which is horrible because they constantly find new ways to take people’s money. Investing in a FX trading company cost me my entire savings, it was a trying period for me. The Reclaim Scammed Coins experts have been of great assistance in getting back my stolen Bitcoins, and I sincerely appreciate them.

— Abigail Rodriguez