Reclaim Scammed Coins – Your Journey To Reclaiming What Is Rightfully Yours

Who Are We?

The Reclaim Scammed Coins (RSC) Team is made up of Professional and Reliable Crypto recovery experts and Investigators. Our aim is to provide support and assistance in recovering money lost through fraudulent means which could be money lost to a Cryptocurrency scam, Binary options scam, Online Investment scam or Fake Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) etc;

We will work hand in hand to solve and investigate cases of scams dealing with Crypto Investment Scams, Forex Trading Scams, Binary Options Fraud, Ponzi Schemes and more. Therefore, if you happen to be a victim or you have fallen prey to any of these scams, have no fear; We are here to help you and we know exactly how to reclaim your money back safely.

Perfect Solutions

With our experience and expertise, we have the right solution for you to trace your stolen funds; collaborating with law enforcement agencies to fight back against the scammers.

Professional Team

We are well networked comprising of significant players such as Computer forensic experts, Cyber security professionals, Open-source intelligence analysts etc;

24/7 Support

At Reclaim Scammed Coins, we boast of one of the best customer service representatives and they are readily available for you 24/7.

How We Do It: Our Modus Operandi

Step 1: File A Complaint

The first step is to File a Complaint providing as much information as possible about the transaction and details of the scam which you fell victim to. This should include the date(s) of transaction(s), the method in which the transaction was made and every other necessary details.

Step 2: We Proceed to Carry Out Investigations

Once we have substantial information details from you regarding the scam, we commence our investigation to trace the lost or stolen funds following the digital footprints left by the scammers. This process may involve analyzing blockchain transactions and working with law enforcement agencies if necessary. In some cases, legal proceedings may be required to recover the stolen funds; If that is the case, our recovery experts will guide you through the legal process and ensure that your rights are protected.

Step 3: Proffer Solutions

Our team of qualified experts will work towards and ensure you are provided with adequate and substantial solutions.

Step 4: Recovery And Return

Once the stolen money or crypto are successfully located and recovered, our recovery experts will assist in returning the funds to your wallet, exchange account or bank account. We will also provide guidance on securing your assets to prevent future incidents.

Here Is What We Are Known For

We will provide the necessary assistance in helping scam victims reclaim money lost through fraudulent means and fight back on their behalf. We will guide victims of financial scams towards the successful recovery of their funds back. 

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Best Solutions For You

The Reclaim Scammed Coins team will consult with you and analyze your case comprehensively so we can refer you to the right expert. Our specialty is understanding the needs of our clients. We will listen to your case, assess the case and offer the best solutions and services that will yield positive results.

Meet our team


The RSC team consists of experienced personnel who ensure the running of our operation is effective and this makes them good at what they do. From Crypto Experts, Computer Forensic Experts to Cyber Security Professionals & Open-Source Intelligence Analysts; We are ideally placed to assist you. From gathering every evidence till when the scammers are confronted, and reclaiming back your money, we will be on your side every step of the way.

Cormac Doyle

Cormac Doyle

Crypto Expert

Elsie Wright

Elsie Wright

ICT Expert

Vladimir Gusev

Vladimir Gusev

Computer Forensic Expert

Maya Lee

Maya Lee

Crypto Expert

Alfie Morris

Alfie Morris

Cyber Security Professional